great-isometric-user-experience_23-2147546971Did you think your website was finished?

You finally have a website. It’s all up and running, you lean back, admire your (and your web designer’s) work and breathe a sigh of relief. Finally done, finished.

Well, I’m really sorry to burst your bubbly, but it’s only just the beginning. It is now up to you to keep it current, provide good content and interact with existing and potential clients. There are lots of pieces to the puzzle that is SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation). This is the ongoing process of keeping your website ranked high in Google and other search engines.

Gone are the times when you printed a nice glossy company brochure that had to be redone every couple of years to reflect any changes. On the plus side, there are no boxes of brochures to waste and throw out, resulting in wasted paper and lost money. A website, especially one with a good content management system such as WordPress can be easily added to and amended. Websites that get updated regularly rank higher in Google & Co, and that’s what we’re after.

So what can you do?

Write a blog: One way to keep your website current is to have a blog, and regularly post on it. Talk about the issues in your industry, ask questions, give away some of your expertise. Blogs are interactive. People can comment on them, which is a good thing for SEO.

Have a testimonial page: Collect testimonials from your clients and post them on the web (make sure your clients are happy for you to do that). Add dates so that visitors of your page can see how current these testimonials are.

Create case studies: you don’t have to mention clients’ names if that’s not an option because of your clients’ privacy, but show people what you do and how your products and services have helped other clients.

Involve Social Media: link from your Social Media accounts back to your website by posting about blog entries and website updates. As soon as these posts get shared by others, your web traffic and your search engine rankings will go up, so make sure your posts are interesting enough to share.

It’s not just the search engine though, it’s also your visitors who always want new and fresh content. So keep everyone happy and add, update and evolve.

What if I can’t be bothered?

Well, that’s where I come in. Give me a ring or get in touch via email and we can discuss how I can help you to keep your website current and shiny.