Let your emails do the marketing

Let your emails do the marketing You are very likely to send out several emails a day to all sorts of people. Do they all know what you do and that you’re running a business? They might be interested in what you have to sell! A very good way is to improve your email signature. It’s a great little marketing tool. So what do I need to do? Make sure you add your company name, a short tagline what it is you do, your phone number, your website, invite people to connect on social media, you could even add a Read More

Did you think your website was finished?

Did you think your website was finished? You finally have a website. It’s all up and running, you lean back, admire your (and your web designer’s) work and breathe a sigh of relief. Finally done, finished. Well, I’m really sorry to burst your bubbly, but it’s only just the beginning. It is now up to you to keep it current, provide good content and interact with existing and potential clients. There are lots of pieces to the puzzle that is SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation). This is the ongoing process of keeping your website ranked high in Google and other Read More

More ideas for your tweets

More ideas for your tweets When thinking about what you could tweet there are many options. We already covered business related tweets (no more than1 or 2 in 10) and personal tweets. Here are two more types of tweets that people will respond to positively: Getting to know your business tweets: post pictures of what you have done in the past if that’s at all possible or how an existing client is using your product. Or pictures of an item on the menu if you’re a restaurant or café. Or is there anything fun you could share? Inspirational Quotes: whatever Read More

Using Pinterest for Marketing

Using Pinterest for Marketing You have probably heard of Pinterest and might even have a personal account. In case you don’t, Pinterest is a fairly new social media site where people share pictures of everything they’re interested in and all the images lead back to an original website. Why not have a look and see for yourself by clicking on the image below. Today I’m suggesting that you use Pinterest for your marketing efforts as well. You can share images of your products or the results of your services. Infographics are particularly popular. You can share book covers and even Read More

Increase your online visibility

Increase your online visibility Last time we spoke about your website never being finished, and how you can make sure that your site ranks high in search engines. Another useful way is to create inbound links, that means links from other websites to yours. No don’t go ahead and swap links with any old website that has no relation to yours. But do consider the following. What if blogs on topics that you are interested in and that relate to your business would link back to your website? That would be quality linking! The way to achieve this is to Read More